Bride: Lauren Lane

Wedding Date: November 9, 2013

Location: Antoine's Restaurant

Theme: Japan in New Orleans


Where do I begin? I planned my wedding in NOLA from Washington, D.C. I grew up in NOLA and wanted to go back to be with my family - but 80% of my guest list was coming from the North East. Janie and Rachel were AMAZING and I honestly could NOT have done this without them. By the end of the year and a half process, they were like my sisters. Late night phone conversations, frantic emails, awkwardly over-packed days running from venue to venue living off of the nuts in the back of my mothers car...they saw me through it all and kept me sane. 

To make matters worse (for them) my husband and I wanted a Japanese-inspired wedding since we lived together abroad for a significant portion of our relationship. Japan in New Orleans? Lol. Right. But take a look at my pictures. Those ladies made it happen and it was phenomenal. 200 people attended my wedding and every single one said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. It was seamless. Literally nothing went wrong...that I know of. You know how people say they remember that one thing? Nope. Nothing.

And my father is a stingy attorney. Ladies - if you have difficult family members to deal with, Janie will handle it. She is one heck of a steel magnolia.

FINALLY (although I could go on forever) my darling Rachel came to the wedding to make sure it went off without a hitch right after giving birth to her first son. I mean talk about commitment. I begged her not to come and she kept saying this wedding was her other baby!!! 

I cannot say enough about Old New Blue. I'm shocked these amazing ladies haven't gotten more hype. They are killing it. Consider them a locals secret. They were recommended to me by multiple family friends that I know throw some great private parties ;P


Bride: Katherine Bergeron

Location: Musee de Conti

Janie planned our event from the first detail to the last. She knew exactly which vendors to use to match our budget with our dream wedding. At our rehearsal, Janie ran the show and everyone knew exactly what was expected of them the following day, even which pictures they are going to be in. On our wedding day Janie was calm and cheerful. She and her team made sure that every detail fell into place perfectly. For us getting married was effortless. Thank you, Janie!

Janie insisted that we make a budget before we started shopping for vendors. By knowing how much we had to spend she was able to accommodate our wishes within our budget. There were no disappointments with any of the vendors she lead us to. Our wedding was beautiful! Blessedly Janie was there with me when I was trying on dresses and veils. The sales clerk didn't seem to be paying enough attention to how important this day was to me. Janie was able to encourage the staff to be more attentive and she was able to help me stop crying and get on with the business of purchasing the dress. There are simply too many details involved in a wedding not to have a wedding planner. Even if you hire someone just to be there the day of. A good planner sees to it that your event runs smoothly and that allows you to enjoy your own wedding!


Bride: Caroline Carbo

Location: Rosy's Jazz Hall

"Jane Glade has to be absolutely the most professional, connected, and organized planner in the city.  She listened to what we wanted and delivered a flawless ceremony and reception.  When there was something that seemed like no big deal, we left it to her creative direction, and she came up with ideas that we're really gorgeous and fitting to our personalities.  Frankly, you can't go wrong because she knows how to do weddings inside and out."


Bride: Tess Ryan

Location: The Elm's Mansion

"We could not have been happier with her execution for my wedding – it was flawless and so detail orientated. I was an out of state bride and her knowledge of NOLA and vendors was extensive. She made sure we go what we wanted and went to bat for us in any way she could. We could tell right away that she had a great relationship with everyone we hired and it put us at ease. I wish I could hire her again for every life event. I cannot say enough good things about that woman."


Cathy Kercheval-

Event coordinator with City Park

I'd like to take the opportunity to express my experiences regarding my working relationship with Janie Glade and Old New Blue.

I've worked with Janie on several different occasions in the course of 30 years or so.  I have never been disappointed in recommending her to my clients and will continue to do so.  Janie is professional, efficient and extremely personable and easy to work with.  These are the qualities I look for in any vendor I recommend to my clients.  Janie is very knowledgeable in her profession but also has the ability to make planning an event a lot of fun, which is rare.  

I would recommend her and her company to any of my valued and treasured clients. 


Bride- Holley Green

I think Janie was an excellent help to us finding great venues within our budget. Our wedding was such an amazing day! It was such a fun party & exactly what we wanted to celebrate our wedding with all our friends and family! My husband and I have the most wonderful memories of that day! Everything is going great and my husband and I now have a beautiful little 6 month old guy named Charlie! 


EllenRae Shalett

Org: Temple Sinai 

"It is my honor to recommend Janie Glade. Her volunteer work for Congregation Temple Sinai was always professional and done with great compassion."


Bride: Jenna Hester

Janie and her Old.New.Blue team did a fantastic job with the full coordination of my rehearsal dinner and wedding. Her suggestions were amazing, and she made my visions come to life. The rehearsal dinner was arranged with every detail addressed. The wedding day went perfectly. No detail was left undone, and I, as well as my husband, bridal party, and family, were able to enjoy the day. My parents, husband, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat as most of our guests continue to comment that it was the most beautiful and flawlessly executed wedding they have ever attended. Thanks again, Janie!