Rachel Blackman Frank

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Rachel Blackman Frank - wedding/event specialist

Date of Wedding: October 31, 2009

Location: The Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Honeymoon: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Children: Shelita Hadassh Frank - cockapoo - 3 years old, with one on the way :)

Event Planner since 2009

Education: Newman in New Orleans, Fashion Institute of Technology (Art major), New York University (BS and Masters in Art)

How did you and Scott meet? I found Scott in 2007 on Craigslist! I placed an ad; he answered it. I fully believe you can find love in the place you least expect it!

Favorite things about being married? 1) Built in best friend 2) Saturday nights are always set 3)Free bookkeeper!

What is the best marriage advice you received before getting married? A random lady at Fritzel's on Bourbon St. told me "getting married is like having a slumber part every night!" And she was right - I have someone to tickle and torment, eat late-nights snacks with all while watching horrible reality TV. 

Best piece of advice to give someone now that you're married? Learn how to communicate. Know your partner better than you know yourself so you can see something coming!

Tell us a fun fact about your wedding. Getting married on Halloween left a lot of room for "costumes". It was hard to stay in the altar in the Ritz courtyard while a man in a nude body suit watched from the windows with only a tuft of hair strategically placed! Miss Monique's Mo Sol from Atlanta was our band and they dressed as Beyonce! (pictured on the left) 

What is your favorite date night with Scott? When he makes dinner and we have a quiet night in.

When you're not planning weddings, what are you doing? I relax by watching movies and TV. Shopping at Target or antiquing are my favorite. I love food and makeup as well. 

Favorite TV show? Law and Order: SVU

Name your guilty pleasure. Princess of Long Island!

Favorite restaurant:  Houston's

Favorite place in the world: New York. It never gets old!

A place you would like to visit: Sicily

Name 3 things always in your purse - besides the essentials: A Tide stick, hand sanitizer and tube of red lipstick!