Fall Wedding Season

Fall is slowly creeping up on us and that means one thing is certain: fall wedding trends are soon to commence! ’Tis the season for jewel tones, romance, and booked Calendars for anyone getting married in New Orleans. Personally, this season has always been my favorite forwedding trends. I’ve always loved the simple elegance that fall decor has paired with rich earth and jewel tones: a perfect match made in heaven! Listed below are my favorites for this particular fall wedding season:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 5.45.32 PM.png

Jewel Tones-

Every year Pantone releases the color trends for every season, and trust me, this years does not disappoint! Ranging between a beautiful combination of cool gray-blues all the way to the warm, classically autumn earth tones, this combination of colors is to die for!

  Naked Cakes-

    When this trend emerged in 2014, it was all the rage in the wedding planning community. Brides all over the country began featuring the “naked cake” style in their wedding and ever since it has morphed into an art form. The naked cake allows you to see the layers of labor that go into the cake, and also creates and interesting look to build your design and theme around. For this season in particular, naked cakes have been paired with layers of dripped chocolate and frosting as well as decorative greenery in order to achieve that effortlessly natural look that we've come to know and love. 


    This is an unusual one, but personally I am loving what wedding favors are morphing in to. Gone are the days when favors are passed around and then either left behind or thrown in the trash on the way out! Couples are now opting for more practical wedding favors, such as small bottles of wine, different oils and seasonings, or other items that their guests will use and love!