Grooming the Groom pt. 1

I am asked all of the time what the responsibilities of the groom are during the wedding planning process.  Listed below is a breakdown of the things that your man has to do to get ready for the “Big Day”.  

  • Select the engagement ring—although nowadays brides may also be involved in choosing the engagement ring, it really is HIS job to purchase the ring and decide when and how to propose.  While it it is quite acceptable for a prospective bride groom to ask his future wife what style of ring she likes and what shape of diamond she prefers, the ultimate choice of your engagement ring is the responsibility of the groom-to-be.  Dating back to the Egyptians and continuing until the present day, engagement rings are symbols of everlasting love, endearment and the promise of a future life together. This is where the future begins (if he’s lucky!) He should also remember to ask your parents/step-parents ahead of the proposal.   

  • Choosing his wedding party: best man, groomsmen, and any ushers (if needed).   After you’ve said “YES!” and you have decided how many bridesmaids/groomsmen you will have in your wedding party.  It is the Groom’s job ask any and all men who will stand in your wedding.  This includes Ushers, who are not considered groomsmen but are a vital part of the wedding party.

  • Choosing the attire for the groom’s wedding party—in keeping with the style and colors of the wedding

  • Compiling the groom’s part of the guest list and making sure that his parents provide their guest list

  • Selecting thank-you gifts for his wedding party

  • Selecting a gift for the bride

  • Paying for the bride’s bouquet

  • Paying for the honeymoon— although today, this is more of a joint venture

  • Paying for her wedding band(s)

  • Arranging for and purchasing the marriage license

  • Giving the ceremony officiant the fee or donation, or arranging for the best man to present such fees

  • Standing in the receiving line, if there is one, or—with the bride—being sure to greet all the guests at the reception

  • Giving a “Thank You” speech at the rehearsal dinner and the reception

  • Dancing the first dance with the bride, dancing with the couple’s respective mothers and the maid/matron of honor

  • Cutting the cake with the bride

Beginning with next week’s blog, I am going to break down this list and address each section with information on how to get the job done and ideas on ways to make each decision a good one.