Fall Wedding Trends: 2017

I'm always excited to see what the new season will bring! The Fall 2017 wedding season is no exception. I've read all the magazines, looked at the Pantone Color Chart, spoken with florists, dress shop owners and brides from every walk of life; the best word to describe the Fall 2017 Wedding Season is definitely individuality! Creativity and individual expression from glitzy gowns to icing dripped cakes will be displayed in abundance. Thank Goodness!! I love the fact that couples are choosing to express their own unique style by emphasizing what is important to them. I start off all of my conversations with new clients the same way, "Put the magazine down and let's talk about the two of you." It's refreshing to see so many colors for dresses, so many creative styles and so much more interest in the flavor of the wedding cake. Listed below is a run down of what's in, what's out, and what I like the best for the Fall 2017 wedding season.

Wedding Dresses

Say bye-bye to the sweetheart strapless dress. Hallelujah! Let's admit it, we've beat that style to death. Strapless dresses are great for the summer months, but bring on the ballet neckline, the off the shoulder lace, and sleeves for those cool fall nights. I've seen a real return to the 1920's style that is so elegant and timeless. Simple ivory satin is being paired with gorgeous ballet necklines to create pure elegance. Skirts this season are more A-line than mermaid. Overall bridal style this season is going back to the more demure, graceful bride, rather than the sexy, sensual bride. I'm actually very fond of the retro look. What's out? Sweet heart necklines and cleavage coming down the aisle. Whew!

Bridesmaids Dresses

Sequins and beading and shine, oh my! The fall runway is full of sparkle. So many designers have abandoned the chiffon of spring for the rich sparkle of metallic this fall. Dresses in gold and silver, pewter, navy, and my personal favorite of the season, rose gold can be found in many different styles and sizes. If you're not crazy about sequins and beads. take a look at satin. The shine of the fabric brings in some old school glamour without the heavy weight of a beaded gown. However Fall 2017 also sees a big push in neutral tones. Blush will never go out of style, and gray and blue are beautiful this time of year. I recently saw a steal blue and brown pallet used for a wedding. It was stunning! What's out? Black is out!  Orange and bright red are out! The only jewel tones really working this fall are leaf green, cranberry, and navy. These are all beautiful colors and pair well with grays, browns, and blues. I am delighted that in Fall 2017 we are really getting to see the colors of Autumn shine through. Take a look at my Fall 2017 Pinterest board to see some of my favorites!


Drippy candles, mercury lined vases, tall brass candelabras are just a few of the designs I've seen out on the market. Depending on your budget and your style, there are thousands of options this season to create your specific look. I love drippy candles sitting atop different sized wine and spirit bottles. Although give me a voluminous floral spread atop a brass chandelier and I'm truly a happy girl. Using gourds such as pumpkins painted with hints of silver or gold and filled with flowers is a very reasonable and attractive way to decorate the center of a table.


I must admit one of my favorite parts of planning a wedding is picking out the cake. I LOVE CAKE! Today's bakers are not just visual artists but culinary experts as well. White cakes... not this season! Metallic icings and/or no icing at all are the big winners this fall. Buttercream frostings done in pale blues, the lightest of grays, and painted with scenery are here! Oh my goodness, the creativity is astounding! While color is certainly plays a big part in a season's cake designs, so does flavor. Bakers are using a wide array of wonderful and unexpected caked flavors to really make the taste of wedding cake high and delectable dessert. I recently had a slice of cake with a Earl Gray flavored body and a fig jam filling. YOWZA! It was the perfect bite! I'm so glad to see that couples are stepping up the old traditions by adding their personal style to everything from the formal ware to the food. I'd love to hear from you on our Old.New.Blue Facebook page and learn what your favorite wedding traditions are and how you're seeing them personalized. I'm always looking for inspiration!