Trends that Have to Go

While weddings are all about what the bride and groom want, there are a few requests that every wedding planner has come to dread. Everyone has an idea in their head of what they think would make their perfect wedding, but, as the people who are in charge of executing these ideas, there are a few themes and trends who have run their course. 

1) The Pinterest Wedding: Yes, everyone loves reposting fun and interesting Pinterest hacks and DIY's to their Facebook page, but at some point having burlap and lace tied around everything becomes a bit redundant. Besides that, the "Pinterest Wedding" does not fit the personality and aesthetic of every couple. Sure it looks good, but does "bohemian" really fit the style of a cosmopolitan couple from the Warehouse District?

2) Themes Without Purpose: Themed weddings have potential to be so much fun! On the flip side, if all you're planning to do with that theme is decorating your venue and invitation in that style, then what the point? If you want to have a 20's themed wedding, then tell your guests to come in their best flapper girl and mobster attire! If your wedding is on Halloween, make it a costume party! Having a theme leaves so much room for creativity, use it!

3) Casual Shoes: Some time ago, it became trendy to wear sneakers/causal shoes to your wedding. It was quirky and different and very on trend with the style at the time. This trend has run its course. Chuck Taylors do not look good with a Tuxedo and cowboy boots do not look good with a three-piece suit. If you want be casual, be casual! But mixing these two styles or bedazzling a pair of sneakers is a trend that really must go!

4) Massive Bridal Parties: Over the years, bridal parties have grown tremendously to include everyone from brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, third cousins, and old college roommates. While it is important to consider other peoples feelings in regards to choosing the bridal party, it is also important to keep the following things in mind: 

  1. The larger the bridal party, the more expenses you have.
  2. More people= More opinions. Everyone has an idea in their head of what your wedding dress should look like or what they want to wear while they're standing up their next to you. While you may value their opinions, the most important opinion is your own, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to those opinions when you add more people to the bunch.
  3. Everyone is different. Everyone is going to want to wear a different color, not everyones body type looks good in the same dress, and not everyone can afford the same price point. Keep this in mind when you are adding more people to your party.