Lizzie Post on Bridesmaids Duties


Wed-iquette expert, Lizzie Post of The Emily Post Institute, sheds a little light on what it really means to be a bridesmaid. 

The most important thing as a bridesmaid: be supportive and participate!!

The times to do those things are:

- During the planning process when the bride asks for your thoughts or opinions

- Pre- wedding events when able to attend

- During the ceremony (helping with kids, holding the bouquet/rings)

- During the reception (helping with guests, and organized parts of the reception - cake cutting, photos, dances, toasts, bouquet toss)

- After the reception (bringing items home, helping to clean up/square things away, organizing people for the after party…)

It's also very important that if you're asked to be a bridesmaid and you cannot fulfill the time or financial obligations that you have a candid but respectful conversation with the bride very early on, letting her know that you want her to have all of her bridal dreams come true and you want to be supportive but that you won't be able to commit to the obligations of a bridesmaid/maid of honor.

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