Congratulations! You're Engaged!! Now What!?

You’re engaged!  Congratulations!  It’s time to plan your wedding!

Lets get down to business.

It used to be that the bride’s parents for the entire wedding. That’s no longer the case.   Many couples are waiting until they have established careers before they decide to marry. As a result it’s not at all uncommon for a bride and groom to contribute to their wedding and in some cases pay for their wedding on their own. In many instances the parents of the bride and groom are pooling their resources and hosting the wedding together. However, even though families are willing to share expenses, it should never be assumed that this will be the case without an open and honest conversation between all parties involved. Any conversation a bride and groom has with either or both sets of parents should be candid and respectful. If the parents ask for the couple to participate in the costs of the wedding it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to listen, compromise and be appreciative of what their parents are able to offer.

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The first rule of budgeting is to be realistic. Get your guest list together and discuss what type of wedding and reception  you wish to have. Take a hard look at the monies that are available to you and determine your overall budget. Usually the most expensive part of a wedding is the reception. You should plan on this costing at least 40% of your total budget. If your budget is limited, decide what’s most important to you - a big formal wedding with fewer guest or a larger guest list with a more toned down wedding. This is the time to communicate extra carefully and find compromises. Remember the number one rule for saving money while planning a wedding is to limit the number of guests. You can also save money by getting married during a time of year when costs are less, like during the summer in New Orleans. 

Don’t think you have to sacrifice quality to cut costs. Creative thinking and smart planning will get you the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

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