Trendy is the New Traditional

Let's Talk Trends

Trends don't always become traditions.  However, here are a few "new" wedding customs that seem to have real staying power:

Personalized Weddings  

Marriage ceremonies today often include elements that have special meaning to the couple which are combined with traditional vows. Intimacy and individuality are at the heart of this trend. It's a great idea for couples who want to express who they are as a couple during the ceremony. Adding a poem, a verse, handwritten vows are all ways to personalize your ceremony. Making your ceremony a memory that you and your spouse will remember forever is always a good idea.

Honor Attendants  

It is quite common these days for a bride or groom to have opposite sex attendants.  When these attendants fill the role of "man of honor" or "best woman" they are known as honor attendants.  Honor attendants usually wear a suit or a dress in the same or complimentary color of the other attendants outfits.

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Green Weddings  

Hosting a wedding ceremony and reception that seeks to have a low negative impact on the environment is a trend that is really catching on quick. To throw a green wedding look for vendors that use local, organic, natural, fair trade, carbon neutral, or low consumption products. In today's world of environmental consciousness, finding the products to host a "green" wedding is not as hard as you may think.  

 Sharing The Costs  

In today's world, wedding expenses are no longer the exclusive responsibility of the bride's parents and are frequently shared by the couple, sometimes even the groom's parents. "More and more couples pay most or all of the expenses." says Lizzie Post, author of Emily Post's Etiquette 18th Edition.  "With wedding costs so high, it's no wonder that who pays is one of the first conversations that engaged couples have."

Variations in color of wedding dresses  

While traditional white still reigns, more and more brides are choosing to wear non traditional colors to walk down the aisle. In particular, black weddings dresses have  become very popular a la Sarah Jessica Parker's dress when she married Matthew Broderick. Color is a personal choice. It wasn't until Queen Victoria of England married in a white gown that white became the traditional choice for most brides. Feel free to express yourself!  

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